Gobik CX PRO Saffron wielershirt


  • Properties: Unisex: Perfect Fit
  • Range of Use: 20ºC to 38ºC – UPF 30
  • Weight: 110g (Size M)
  • GRS: Gobik Retention System

An update to our most iconic jersey.

It is an ultra-light, very close-fitting and highly breathable jersey with a second-skin effect. Ideal for users with a slim build. 

In order to improve aerodynamic performance, the structure of the jersey has been reshaped to direct airflow towards the lower back. By widening the front panel, bringing the pocket to the edge and narrowing it slightly in width, the tapered selvedges are inside the pocket for a sleek, minimalist look. Designed to adopt an aggressive posture on the bike and achieve maximum aerodynamic performance.

On the back it incorporates three pockets with reinforced angular cut and offering the innovative patented GRS –Gobik Retention System-. GRS will take care of your most precious belongings and provide extra security.